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Use Canola as fuel

Canola is a less expensive alternative for diesel fuel. Without loss of fuel efficiency and ecologically clean, “Canola-Fuel” can be produced by every farmer. The usage of own resources, makes the Farmer independent from suppliers and price fluctuations in diesel fuel, and is highly profitable like no other agricultural crop!

About the CAF 200-1 Processing System

The CAF 200-1 is the first compact processing system for the 3302production of Canola Oil, that can cover the complete production process from start to finish. All the necessary elements and components are situated in a standard 20’ container-type structure. This “mini” processing system can be easily put on any farm yard or property, provided there is a 380 Volt electrical power outlet for the connection. The application of highly qualitative components such as the extruder, mixer, or filtering system, guarantee a high reliability and efficiency. An extremely high life expectancy was achieved by using corrosion free steel material and precise attention to detail.            
                                                                                                                               Please click here for more pictures.

Specifications of the CAF 200-1


Measurements of STD 20’ Container


3.5 tones


80 kg Raw Material/ Hour

Raw Oil Yield

30 - 34 %

Holding Capacity:

1 Day Production

Holding Capacity of Tank:

1.2 cubic m


All Oil Plants


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Download German Brochure (PDF - 0.9MB)

Please click here for the advantages and more information on the CAF 200-1.

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