Convey-All CST-40

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Introducing the all new CONVEY-All CST-40 Seed Tender:

The CST-40 is a container chassis mounted seed tender with multiple applications. With its high productivity due to innovative design, and the use of the conveyor load out system, it enables to move your commodities such as fertilizer and a variety of seed with speed between 2 to 4 tones per minute, depending on product. The conveyor ensures no seed damage and no cross-contamination. The CST-40 is ideal for farmers as well as fertilizer or seed dealers. Multi-compartments give you big capacity and you can service all your seeding outfits with different seed and fertilizer on the same trip. The load-out conveyor swings from side to side to reach the airseeder compartments on the aircart without moving. Increase the productivity of your Air Seeding System by implementing a CST-40 in your farming practices by cutting filling times drastically.          

D08005 033

CST-40C Specifications


Total Cubic Feet (m)

Total Tons (Tonnes)

Number, Size of Compart-ments

Cubic Feet per Compart-ment

Conveyor Length

Discharge Height

Body Width

Overall Height

40 (12m)




5 8


8 = 304


26 8


15 7




13 5


D08005 091
D08005 066 D08005 104

CONVEY-ALL CST-40 BROCHURE - Please click here to download.