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SUMMERS Manufacturing Company, Inc.

As the farming industry continues to evolve, so does Summers Mfg Company. Summers is committed to produce quality equipment for chemical application, tillage and seedbed preparation. Their reliable, heavy duty equipment is a great addition to any farm of any size. Summers is supported by a growing service and parts network that will continue to meet the challenges of modern farming today and tomorrow.           

Summers Ultimate NT Sprayer04

SUMMERS Ultimate NT Sprayer


SUMMERS Super Harrow Plus

SUMMERS Diamond Disk

SUMMERS Coulter Chisel

SUMMERS Super Chisel

Your Productivity is Our Business - Miller

We know that your business is all about working smarter, faster and more productively. Your profitability is on the line every day, and thatís why our products like the new CONDOR are built with innovations that really make a difference. Miller knows that their customers have high expectations, and Millerís job is to exceed them day after day and season after season.                        

image40 image41 image42

MILLER Condor A40 & A75 English

MILLER Condor A40 & A75 Russian

Ag Shield - Manufacturer of the Yield Shield

With the Yield Shield canola harvesting system, Ag Shield has given an alternative to expensive windrowers, and a new vision on the canola harvesting process. Now canola growers can comfortably PUSH the crop any time between flower drop and 15% color change with the new Yield Shield, covering at least as many hectares as two Swathers would, with one Yield Shield harvesting system.

Yield Shield Brochure - English

Yield Shield Brochure - Russian

Yield Shield02
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