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Advantages of the Oil Processing System

The production of Oil in its own processing system offers you multiple benefits.

      • de Facto unlimited availability of cheap fuel
      • use the “Waste-Product” as high quality feed/ forage
      • Canola Oil & Forage can be supplemental income

Canola Oil is a first class alternative to the traditional diesel fuel if you keep some guidelines when using it. First of all we have to mention the quality of the finished Canola Oil. It is of significant importance that the finished product contains a minimal amount of harmful elements which can lead to congestion in the fuel system of your equipment/ machine. Furthermore it is important that the oil is clean of enzymes and chemical elements such as phosphate, so that during the ignition process the sediments don’t settle on the cylinder walls of the diesel engine, and lead to a premature destruction of the aggregate.

During the design and construction of the CAF 200-1 system, these important aspects were taken into consideration. The usage of highly qualitative extruders guarantees a cold pressing procedure, which is the condition for the norms of Canola Oil to be used as fuel. A preliminary separating device made out of stainless steel is used for the primary purification. Then the mixing system adds a supplement which binds the loose elements. Through continues mixing it is possible to achieve an excellent result. With a high capacity filter combined with a micro filter the cleaning process is conducted, and storage of a days production cycle can be saved within the closed system. The concept of the system is laid out in such way that one load is sufficient to run the machine for 24 to 30 hours without supervision.

What to keep in mind?

  • Engines do not have to be modified.
  • The implementation of additional modules lets you also further use and run your engine on diesel fuel, or even a mixture of diesel/ canola oil.
  • Engine Service Intervals have to be twice as frequent.
  • The supply of Engine Kits will take only place after consulting with the dealer/ distributor of the CAF 200-1 processing system!

Besides the CAF 200-1 processing system, there is also other higher capacity models available, which allow for a production of 300, 400, 1000 or 2000 t of Canola Oil per year.

Like the CAF 200-1, the system for 300 and 400 t also come in a 20’ STD Container each. The systems for 1000 and 2000 t however come in a pair of two 20’ STD Containers each.

We offer also extra modules for the systems. These includes a module for the Cleaning process of the Canola, as well as a module for the storage of the final product right away in a form of a filling station like you see them at the gas stations. These modules include all components to also get rid of the waste.